About Us

Best Apple Watch Apps is an independent project put together by apple watch lovers who know that an Apple Watch can turn its wearer into a super hero… with the right apps.

We seek to:

  • make all apple watch apps easily findable.
  • create a easy channel for new apple watch apps to launch
  • support the apple watch app developer community

If you want to sponsor the newsletter/vlog or have your app featured on the homepage, or just say hi 😃 submit your information on the contact form below. It will come directly into our inbox.


Why did you build this?

Yeah I mean seriously – the apple watch app store isn’t fit for purpose.

When we started this project there had been +35k apple watch apps released. Did you know that? Where would you have found them?

Over time as they couldn’t gain traction 2/3rds of them were deprecated. That is a tragedy. We want to stop that from happening.

How is this funded?

Best Apple Watch Apps is has no investors. It is wrapped in a company to make IP assignment easy but there’s no VC pulling our string.

How do I get my app listed?

Yup so we are periodically adding more apps – To get yours added sooner submit it here

How do I get my app featured?

Ahhh the question you really want to ask!
Right now – message us below. We’re not some pump and dump site – we’re the number one apple watch app site in the world so your app better be good and we want to have a relationship.


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