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HOLY BIBLE ( BIBLE KJV ) - FREE Read God's Word without internet. The app was conceived to propagate and make The Christian Bible studies easier through reading and listening anytime and anywhere, with resources such as: Audiobook, Search, Favorite, Note, colorful markers, Sharing Versicles, Devotionals, Hymnal, Biblical Plans, Biblical Dictionary, Bible Themes, Biblical Games and Maps. This friendly application can accompany you everywhere, making the Word of God accessible at any time for a blessed day. The Team who has elaborated and keeps improving this oficial application(*) believes that God’s Word must reach everyone easily, quickly and clearly. Our App was the first offline Holy Bible on the app stores and now there are Christians from more than 168 countries using it. Details: o Reading Plans: several Reading Plans that can help you study Bible texts or specific topics. o Bible Themes: find verses according to more than 700 themes. o Versicles: resources to highlight, mark with colours, bookmarks, copy, add personal notes. Share verses on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and others, Use the Verse of the Day Widget and create verses images. o Reading Progress: users can mark the chapters as "read" and can track the percentages of what they have read in relation to each book, the whole Bible, and the Old and New Testaments. o Audio: audio versions for all translations, including NIV Live Audio, with Oscar winning cast and renowned Pastors. The audio is synchronized with the reading of the verses. o Geochurch: feature to find churches near your location, using the GPS system of your cell phone. o Searching System: option for the whole Bible, Old Testament, New Testament or separate by book. Users can type more than one word or parts of the verses in the search. o Reading Comfort: Adapt word size, choose the font and activate nocturnal reading mode. Other Features: • Words of Jesus in red; • Book Introduction (informations and curiosities about the book); • Book list in alfabetic order; • Option to remove ads; • Biblical dictionary with more than 900 words; • Audio versions for all translations, including NIV Live Audio, with Oscar winning cast and renowned Pastors; • Sharing verses as images to be posted on social networks. More than 80 versions in different languages. In English you will find: • New International Version (2011) with Live Bible Audio - NIV • King James Version - KJV • American Standard Version - ASV • Basic English Bible - BEB • Darby Version - DARBY • Douay-Rheims - DRC • Webster’s Bible - WBT • Weymouth NT - WEY • World English Bible - WEB • Young’s Literal translation - YLT Other important versions available are: Reina Valera in Spanish, Luther's Bible in German and the original Greek and Hebrew. (*) Official Application = according to copyright, including authorized content. more

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