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“Quran Plus” is ALL ABOUT THE ISLAMIC TRADITION ! • QURAN IN 12 LANGUAGES: Arabic English ( 4 Translations ) Japanese Russian Chinese Malay French German Indonesian Turkish Spanish Korean • FIND THE DIRECTION OF KAABA IN MECCA • ISLAMIC CALENDAR ( HIJRI ) • BONUS 3D PLANETS Sun Earth ( Day ) Earth ( Night ) Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune • 3D EARTH-MOON DEMO This gives you a clear mind of the relative positions of the earth and the moon. • CHANGE BETWEEN 10 LANGUAGES WITHIN THE APP INSTANTLY Arabic English Japanese Russian Chinese Malay French German Indonesian Korean MORE DETAILS: • The Kaaba Locator not only tells you the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, but also show the distance between you and the Kaaba. • 3D Planets are three dimensional planets in the solar system. It contains statistics of the plants, such as radius, mass, surface area, surface temperature, orbital period, rotation period and so on. Because they are three dimensional objects, you are free to play with them on your fingertips with zooming in/out, rotating the object. • 3D Earth-Moon gives you clear picture of what their relative positions are. You can also make the earth transparent to observe the moon phases easily. • The Islamic Calendar is calculated astronomically. The error is within seconds.The new Moon as well as the next new moon are both available. The time shown here is your local time. The daylight saving time adjustment is considered too. so it gets easy to check when the new moon happens. more

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