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Prarthanamanjari is a complete, lightweight and reliable resource for personal Christian Prayers in Malayalam. It gathers a diverse selection of prayers from the rich traditions of the Catholic Church. This treasury of Catholic worship includes personal, family, and liturgical prayers. It includes a great collection of daily prayers which can be used on different occasions in our life. † Features † • Daily prayers, Common prayers, Yaama praarthanakal, Prabodhana japangal, Japamaalakal, Holy Mass, Vanakkamaasam, Madhyastha Praarthanakal and a lot more. • Favorite your prayers and access it easily. • Christian Recipes. • Daily Readings. • Reminder for important dates. • Find nearby churches. • Hourly chime to get notified every hour. • Widget for vachanapetty. • Teleprompter. • Prayer counter. † Great ways to read † • Full-screen Teleprompter with adjustable speed. • Zoom In & Out to adjust the text. • Colorization to the text for better understanding. • Dynamic UI with respect to important dates. • Simple and Elegant UI. • Share the prayers to your friends and family. Copyrights: All copyright, trademarks, design rights, patents and other intellectual property rights (registered and unregistered) in and on Prarthanamanjari may be extracted from different sources and books. Courtesy: To different online prayer sources and Christian prayer books. Thank you for your inspiration - Prarthana!, Catholic Prayer Book, Daily Prayers etc Privacy Policy: Prarthanamanjari is not collecting any of the user information with our their prior knowledge. The app doesn't share or misuse any of the information collected from the user. The software, materials, and assistance provided by Prarthanamanjari have the only purpose of sharing prayers with its users. If you have any questions or suggestions don't hesitate to drop us a line at - that's what we're here for! ### Thank you for your appreciations. Following are a few of them ### ***** Excellent app. Great work. Thank you so much. May God bless you abundantly. ***** Now no more excuses to skip daily prayers. User-friendly interface. ***** A very good application. It's very useful for all ages to pray in our busy daily life. Thank you and God bless you. ***** Very good effort, thanks a lot to provide all kind of prayers. In the busy life, this app helped me to pray more and more ***** Thank u for the work u have done. Very useful application. May God bless u and ur motivators ***** I was waiting for one like this. Thanks. God will bless u ***** It offers all the prayers that needed in our day to day life, rosary, mass songs and so on. Superb app. It's one of a kind. Thanks, heaps for the magnificent effort. ***** Very useful. All Catholic prayers at your fingertips and replaces almost all prayer books. ***** Amazing effort. Thank you for all the hard work you did, for bringing my faith closer to me ***** Excellent job... Definitely, you will be rewarded by​ almighty father... God bless you. ***** A digital replica of the Prarthana Manjari we used since childhood. Excellent ***** It is a wonderful and precious app. Especially we know everybody leading in busy life. So if we need any prayer between our work or journey we can use this. All the prayers and 'novena' in one thread.Thanks, creatures for this app. ***** This app is Absolutely Awesome... This Helped Me A Lot To Pray Even When I'm Not In Home or When I'm In Some Other Places... Thank You JESUS For All The Wonderful Blessing You Gave Me In Day To Day Life... AMEN more

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