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Finally, an easy way to remember to drink more water! Pee & See is a simple water reminder app. It doesn't need to know when you drink water or how much you drink. Instead, just tap one button every time you go to the bathroom! When you haven't peed for 3 hours you'll get a reminder to drink water (except at night). It's better than a water tracker. Pee & See turns drinking more water into a game. "It's the number 1 number 1 app!" There are 8 easy ways to log pees with Pee & See: • Open the app and tap the big "Log Pee" button • Log a pee from the Widget, without opening the app • Tap one of the actions on a notification • Log from the app icon with Haptic Touch or 3D Touch • Install the Apple Watch app and Complication so you're always just two taps away from logging a pee • Manually enter the date and time for old pees you forgot to log • Tell Siri to log a pee • Slide your finger across the Log Pee button in the app to log a pee at a specific time in the past hour Adjust the Quiet Hours setting in the app to avoid notifications while you're asleep. See where you stack up against other urinators on the Leaderboard. Don't break that streak! Supports Dark Mode in iOS 13, so you can choose the look you prefer. You can also use Pee & See as a simple pee tracker, and export your data as a CSV. Decide when you want your first reminder, anywhere from 1–5 hours after you last peed. Choose one of several alternate icon designs the toilet is too conspicuous for you. Pee & See does not provide medical advice. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. It's just a fun way to remember to drink more water or track your pees. Ask a licensed medical professional if you have any questions about: - avoiding kidney stones by drinking a lot of water - BPH and other prostate conditions - interstitial cystitis and bladder conditions - getting well-hydrated to prevent hangovers —— The Story Behind Pee & See —— I was sick of getting headaches. It seemed like every few weeks I’d lose productivity for half a day or more. My head hurt so badly I didn’t feel like I could do anything. As I laid in bed with a headache, I thought they might be happening when I hadn’t been drinking much water during the days before. What would be the easiest way to remind myself to drink water, when I need it most? I knew there were apps to remind me to drink water based on the amount I drank, but that seemed silly. How would I track the exact amount of water I drank? Would I need a special cup with lines on it? Would I only refill when it was completely empty? And what if I was working out in the heat? Wouldn’t I need more water than if I were just sitting around in air conditioning all day? I hypothesized that if I kept track of when I peed I might be able to use that data to give myself reminders to drink water when I hadn’t peed in a long time. I built a simple website with basic pee logging features that I started using myself. After experimenting with the concept on my own for a year, I saw some potential. Even though I had little experience making iPhone apps and had to learn as I went, I built a prototype of this app, and gave it to a few friends to test. The people who were really committed to drinking more water loved it. So, I released the app to the world in April 2016. I’ve been improving it little by little since then as I learn more about what users want and learn more about how to make good iPhone and Apple Watch apps. My mission with this app is to have a positive impact on the world by helping people stay hydrated. I’m not one of the best iPhone developers out there, but I’m committed to improving the experience this app offers as I improve my skills. Thank you for joining me on my mission to help the world stay hydrated. The greatest compliment you can give me is a recommendation of this app to a friend or family member! - John Ganotis, creator of Pee & See more

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