StepDog - Steps on watch face Apple Watch App

Step counter and pet dog

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StepDog is a virtual pet that lives on your Apple Watch and helps you track your daily step count. You have to walk StepDog every day to hit your daily step goal and then he will sleep. You can see your step count on your watch face. You can choose your favourite dog breed and watch him walk, run, sit, scratch, eat and eventually sleep on your watch. Set an infograph modular complication so you can keep an eye on your step goal and when you see StepDog sleeping you know you tired him out. Get a virtual dog on your watch and stay fit and healthy with StepDog... download for free right now! Note - You can only see stepdog on the infographic modular watch face on watches above series 4. You can see the progress ring on earlier devices on the older modular watch face. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= This app integrates with HealthKit so it can read your steps which it needs in order to show the goal percentage in the app. This data is not sent to any servers or saved anywhere or shared anywhere. By deleting the app you will delete all associated steps data outside of HealthKit. more

Developer: Yingchi Wang Developer