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This is the most comprehensive app about Submission (Islam) and includes the most accurate Qibla direction finder, Daily & monthly salat Times, Quran in English& Arabic and Ramadan & Hajj information & more . 1) Daily Salat Times Location based accurate Prayer Times based on your current location and Current Local Time. Shows a revolutionary 24 hour pie shaped Salat Clock for the first time. Real time monitoring to show the time remaining to next Prayer. Tracks user location and recites the correct Adhan at Prayer Time along with notifications if the user changes location in real time. Snooze Alarm functionality for each Contact prayer when actively running in the foreground. This is a talking Prayer Clock and if it is actively running in the foreground, the app tells you the time using Siri- type voice when it is time to pray or if you double click inside the clock. Night mode available to reduce light and screen glow. Swipe to see prayer times for next week. Includes Salat Widget on Today Screen for Daily Prayer Times. 2) Monthly Salat Times Ability to display prayer Times for the current location for the next 30 days. 3) Word Salat Clock This is the one of the world's first prayer times clock that allows you to know the prayer time at any location in the world. Add multiple locations (for any city in the world) and monitor the Salat times for it side by side showing the current local time for the location and prayer Times. 4) Quran -The Final Testament One of the first apps in the world which includes Arabic Version of the Quran with Authorized English Version by Dr. Rashad Khalifa and includes glossary, Index and Appendices for definition of Quranic terms and detailed explanation of vital subjects from the Quran. Features an extremely fast search engine to search through Verses of Quran/Subtitles and Footnotes. Include a visual Index for the list of Verses in the Quran. You can see the actual verses listed when you select the word. Includes the ability to open the Quran randomly. Saves the last read location to allow you to return to where you left off. Recites the English recitation of the Quran with music. Recites the verse by verse Arabic Recitation of Quran by Sheikh Al- Banna. Speaks the English Version of Quran verse by verse. Speaks the Arabic Version of Quran verse by verse. Includes full sharing capability with ability to share verses from Quran on twitter, facebook , email and text messaging with just a few clicks. 5) Events Calendar This app is able to calculate the following events of the year based on user's location for the next 10 years. Ramadan Start Date Ramadan Last 10 Nights Night of Destiny Ramadan End Hajj Start Hajj End 6) Qiblah Direction This app also allows users to most accurately determine the correct direction of Qiblah from anywhere in the world with great precision in both Compass Mode and Map Mode based on user's current location. 7) Audios This app gives you access to play 114 chapters of the Quran along with music. It also allows you to listen to 50 Quranic studies by God's messenger of the Covenant. It also allows you to listen to commemorative music and songs. Ability to store all songs in offline mode so you can store them on your device without using internet. 8) Videos This app allows you to watch videos recorded by God's Covenant , Dr. Rashad Khalifa Ph.D. In addition to allow the users to stream the videos online, it also allows users to store all videos in offline mode so you can store them on your device without using internet. 9) Zakat Calculator Just enter the amount of money you have earned and it will automatically calculate the amount of Obligatory Charity (Zakat) due on it (2.5%). 10) Number 19 Calculator This app also comes with a number 19 calculator that can divide any small or long number by 19 to find out whether it is a multiple of 19 or not. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life more

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