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************************************************************************* Mini LAB is the Simplest Medical Lab Values App in the iOS App Store! From now on you can quickly check the normal value for medical lab tests, you don't need to search the internet, or to waste your time scrambling with papers and books!!! Mini LAB includes: - Normal Lab Test Values. -- Lab Categories: --- Complete Blood Count Panel. --- Blood Chemistry Panel. --- Metabolic Panel. --- And Urinalysis Panel. - Real Search - New User-interface (supports any orientation in the iPad - half screen, side, on top, etc). - Very Simple to Use! - Better Navigation /w Gestures. - Family Share Enabled. - No Need for Internet Connection. - Demo - Apple Watch Companion App. - Demo - App Widget. ----------------------------------------- Enjoy it. For Feedback & etc. Twitter: @ProjectLABapp You can also follow us on our Facebook Page: /ProjectLABapp And our Blog to keep you updated: more

Developer: Ronny Makhoul Developer