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I sincerely hope that it is not that this app is required, but I do not know whether the disaster is always coming. Family for an emergency, lover, is a disaster for the MAP application you want to have in friends. ■ Feature Description - Message board function You can post a message to family, lovers and friends addressed with the current location. When there is reason to not move, even if there is no mark for that tell it where it is possible to tell the exact location, Us with accurately guided to the destination with GPS navigation. - Information confirming Shelter and temporary housing areas, you can see information such as pantries. Disaster when do not know where to occur, I do not know at that time where you are. Check the shelter in the nearby, you can respond quickly so you to guide navigation. ■ For information Various kinds of information has to tell a realistic situation by a contribution of everyone. To post a shelter information in advance as disaster prevention awareness, please refer to the free use, etc. is determined in advance of the meeting place of the family. ■ Search of information Addressed to family, destined lover, you can narrow down to the specific content of the posts or search for a post addressed to friends. Also By address search, you can also check the information of the remote location. more

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