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Be Safe & Visible on street

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When you turn to a street, your warn the other drivers on the route. This Apple Watch app shows the warning sign on your screen, when you are going turn left in that street. 'Traffic Blinker' App to be more visible on the road! Story: When I ride from home to work (or school) on my bike, I want to be seen on the route (in the dark) and that other drivers know what I am going to do. One of the most dangerous traffic points is always turning into a street. This unique utility app helps you warn the other drivers. When I do my hand/arm signals, the Apple Watch automatically activates the app. And it shows the orange blinking arrow to the other drivers. How does this app work? 1. Open the "Traffic Blinker" on your Apple Watch 2. Press the green button to start riding 3. When you want to go from the right to the left lane, stretch your left arm out 4. The Apple Watch activate the screen, and display the warning sign for the other users 5. When you are on the left lane, you can move your hand back on the steering wheel from your bike 6. To stop the app, do a hard press and tap "Stop" Features: + Choose between a 'Rectangle', 'Blinking Arrow' or 'Moving Arrow' or 'Stop' sign + Customize the color and speed anitmation + Option to disable or enable the sound and vibration + Option to stop the app with the perimeter point This app is great for bikers, skater, hoverboard, three wheeler or even a one wheeler. Don't forget to rate this app 5 stars and share it with your friends! This helps to support future development! Keywords night, pointer, traffic light, car, hoverboard, roadsign, warning sign, cyclist, bike, bicycle, street, road, intersection, crosswalk, city, urban, people more

Developer: Stefan Van Damme Developer