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Firetask Pro represents the next generation of easy-to-use, project-oriented task management apps. By combining David Allen's powerful Getting Things Done (GTD®) approach with classical task management features such as priorities and due dates, Firetask creates a unique task management experience. Firetask is also available for *macOS* (sold separately) and syncs via iCloud. GETTING THINGS DONE® If you don't know how GTD works here are some of the basic concepts: (1) Perform a "brain dump" -- collect all your open issues and tasks in your "Inbox" (2) Decide whether tasks are actionable, i.e., you want and can complete them yourself, whether you want to delegate them (Firetask provides a "Waiting For" list), or whether they are more of a "someday/maybe" thing (3) Organize your actionable tasks into so-called "next action" lists (Firetask provides "projects" for this) (4) Assign contexts to indicate, e.g., whether a task can only be done in a certain environment (e.g., you have to be "Home" to do clean up your house; we call this a "category") (5) Perform a weekly GTD review where you repeat steps 2-4 on a regular schedule in order to keep your trusted GTD task management system up-to-date WHY USE FIRETASK? Firetask provides a very logical implementation of GTD in a way that concepts such as the "Inbox" or "Someday" are implemented as task statuses; this way, categories (contexts) and project assignments can optionally be already associated within the Inbox and thus, making a task actionable only means changing its status to "Actionable". Although tasks do not have to be part of a project, projects are first class business objects in Firetask: they have their own statuses, you can organize them via "portfolios" (project folders) and you have full control over the order of tasks in a project. Successful project-oriented task management has never been easier. Firetask comes with great, visual tools that help you with your weekly GTD review such as "Kanban", "Priorities", and "Dates" views. Simply use drag & drop to move tasks between Inbox and Actionable statuses, into the "Starred" list, or to move them between priorities or due dates. Firetask is also deeply integrated with the Apple ecosystem with optional integration with Reminders, Calendar events, Contacts, and syncing via iCloud. Firetask is available on iPhone, iPad, macOS, and Apple Watch providing you with a seamless user experience across platforms. FEATURES * Solid and logical implementation of GTD including dedicated "Inbox", "Someday", "Next", and "Waiting For" lists * Uniquely focused "Today" view showing "Starred" (things you need to do ASAP) and due tasks * Practical "Next" view showing upcoming due tasks and next tasks per project at a glance * Full support for simple project management via project task lists, portfolios for organizing projects, and actions for breaking down complex tasks into individual steps * Support for simple link attachments * Unique color and icon-based approach to task and project categories * Clean and at the same time visually rich user experience * Seamless syncing via iCloud * Optional integration with built-in Reminders, Calendar, and Contacts apps * Today widget and highly focused Apple Watch app providing quick access to Inbox, Today, Next, and Waiting For lists NEW IN FIRETASK PRO If you are a long-time Firetask 3 user and wonder whether it is worth upgrading -- these are just some of the more than 100 new features in Firetask Pro: * Enhanced overall workflow based on real-life user feedback * Portfolios for organizing projects * Actions for breaking down tasks into individual steps * Link attachments * Full control over the order of tasks in Inbox, Someday, Scratchpad, and Starred task lists * Reminders, Calendar, and Contacts integration * Easier and faster syncing via iCloud * Today widget and Apple Watch app more

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