Bible - The Holy Bible Apple Watch App

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The best book in the world deserves the best app. This is the best bible ever created for iOS. Highlight your favorite verses and add notes to them. Read it even without internet connection. You don't need to worry about being connected, you can simply open and read it. With pages just like the ones in real life, it is by far the most gorgeous bible out there. It's also super simple to use and super fast. Full Features: - Swipe the pages to go to the next one. - Offline support. - Highlight exactly what you want. - Change your highlights colors. - Add notes to your highlights. - Add tags to your highlights to make it easier to find them. - Bookmark pages. - iCloud Sync. - Real time search for the entire bible. - Search your highlights, tags and notes. - Change fonts and the text sizes. - Change themes. White, Sepia, Dark Gray and Night. - Adjust the brightness inside the app. - Six full english bibles and one full portuguese bible. (Six of them available as In App Purchase) more

Developer: Mateus Abras Developer