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Basketball stats on Watch + AR

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Swish completely rethinks everything about practicing your favorite sport. Swish lives on your wrist. And that makes all kinds of new things possible. Instantly see your shooting percentage. See where to take your next shot. Get a phenomenal workout with randomly generated shot locations. Swish even shows you the path to be your best. Explore new ways to drive to the hoop, get to that open shot, break ankles, have fun! Paths can help you dominate the court. Become more aware of your court presence. Learn to move in ways you never imagined. You will be exhausted after a Swish Paths workout and that’s a good thing. It's incredibly challenging. Adjust agility, distance, & randomness to finely tune your workout. Designed to be part of you. On your Apple Watch, large easy to tap buttons instantly calculate your shooting percentage. See your makes, misses, total, streaks, graph, and more at a glance. Smoothly zoom in and out of the court on your wrist. Keep track of your shots any way you want • Classic: simple buttons or advanced input • Manual: precisely mark your shot location after every shot • Automatic: shows you where to shoot your next shot. • Easily change modes by rotating Digital Crown Get the most out of every practice • Relaxed practice: no time limit, endless shots • Countdown: play under pressure to make that final shot at the buzzer • Shots: choose the number of shots for each workout to consistently track your performance over time Be your fittest self • Heart rate • Integrated with Health app • Make each exercise count towards your Activity Energy and Workouts with HealthKit Take a note of your performance • Did you tie your shoes a certain way this workout? Make a note of it! • Dictate a note during your workout to try to explain that incredible shooting percentage • Rate your performance after any shot Every shot you take is precisely marked on the court. They show up on iPhone so you can see a summary of your workout. See your shots in AR on the actual playing surface. See lots of red? That means you stink. Green? You are making it rain. Stats on iPhone • Scrub through your shots to see your progress • Use two fingers to select multiple workouts • Filter to see only your makes or misses • Filter multiple sports if you play more than one, works with 15+ sports • Live updating during your workout • 3D courts and fields on iPhone • Augmented Reality (AR) is awesome! • Seriously, it’s really cool, experience your workout in a whole new dimension • Delete a workout from iPhone • Export your workout to CSV • No ads. No monthly fees. No limits. More features • Detailed stats to see your daily progress and trends over time • Help guide • Accessibility support with VoiceOver • “Hey Siri, start a basketball workout in Swish” • Choose your favorite sport • High quality courts and fields Automatic modes: Basketball Three pointers, jump shots, free throws, lay ups, and more. Make your mark on the basketball court. Keep track of your shooting location from anywhere on the basketball court. Randomly generate spots to shoot from. Tennis Serve it up with Swish, mark the spot where your ace hits the tennis court. Get a sense of your accuracy and precision over time. Let Swish show you where to hit your next serve. Soccer Know your kicking percentage, from PK's to corners. Keep track of all your kicks on the field, simply mark the spot you kicked from. Let Swish choose where to kick your next goal from. Randomly generates spots on the field so you can practice kicking from all angles. Keep track of your shooting percentage and shot location in these sports: Basketball Soccer Bowling Golf Tennis Volleyball Rugby Football field goal Baseball strike zone Ice Hockey Field Hockey Lacrosse Cricket Handball Water Polo Badminton Table Tennis Archery General target practice Apple Watch Series 5 Apple Watch Series 4 Apple Watch Series 3 Apple Watch Series 2 Apple Watch Series 1 Apple WWDC Scholarship Winner more

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