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xCurrency is a simple and smart currency converter with powerful calculator and real-time data base built in. This app can convert currencies in seconds and help you deal with any cross-border payments while traveling, studying and shopping aboard. In diverse application scenarios, the gadget can handle much more complex tasks than you expect. Applying principles of minimalism, xCurrency turns complication into simplicity. You’ll be able to handily and accurately convert currencies wherever and whenever you want. It is the world’s largest currency converter application in terms of user base from more than 160 countries and regions, which provides currency exchange rate information for over 210 legal tenders, over 100 cryptocurrencies and precious metal. Unlike when conventional converter only provides one to one currency exchange rate, xCurrency supports multiple rates information on the same page, which makes it clear at a glance. In addition, it offers currency chart for up to a three-year-period followed by live quotes from multiple sources. Features: -Totally free and ad-free -Display real-time exchange rate of 200+ legal tenders, 100+ cryptocurrencies, and precious metals -Handy units built in, easy search -Sync Apple Watch -Check currency rate on and off-line -Switch to local currency in sync with location -Browse real-time rate and 24hr trend -Just type the amount and convert -Track 3-year trend of any currency in the world -Custom settings of digits after the decimal point and defaults -Recommended by Apple Store and IT blogs as a ‘must-have tool for global travelers’ REVIEWS FROM USERS "A great match for traveling, all kinds of troubles and bad things are gone, definitely a must-have assistant for home travel.”-Knraia gonW “It is still good to use, this calculation software is very good, it is recommended for everyone, simple and convenient, calculation and repayment calculation are very good, it is recommended to recommend the top one.”-easter marnim "AMZ! xCurrency is a great all-in-one converter app. No need to go online for foreign exchange rate. All I need is with this great app." - Nerzki "Just an awesome currency app. This app has made my life much easier and save a lot of money in trip." - Mark3645 Exploring more? Please visit Drop us an email to if you have any suggestions or requests for xCurrency. more

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